Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Second Anniversary, Sweet Salvage!

Sharing my favorite displays with all of you from the last two years of Sweet Salvage events.  Here goes:
Beautiful shabbiness and plenty of ruffles here.
Love the chandelier and all the goodies in there with it. 
This display and the one in the picture above it are by far my very special favorites!  Love the shutters, large bouquet, chairs, dresser, everything!!
Roses, shabby chic and vintage.
Ruffles and roses.
Give me a cloche with a good display any day.
Seashore collections and shabby white dresser.
Love this chandy in the box!  Another favorite.
Halloween loveliness!
Love the gray and white and draped curtains.
Pink cotton Christmas tree!
Love old cages with plenty to view inside!
Too sweet and full of vintage toys and goodies.
Another great cloche display with plenty inside to make you stop and look a while!
Always love a great wall display of frames.
Cameras, fans, and plenty of great guy stuff, too!
Love this basket full of pretty pink roses!

These are just a few of the many pictures I took.  I had loads of favorites but just couldn't put all of them here!  Come back and visit later in the week to see what I picked this week at Sweet Salvage's second anniversary event!  See you there!

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