Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yesterday's finished creations.

Yesterday I spent the day finishing several projects, redoing one, and getting things ready to take into my booth at Merchant Square.

Here is what I accomplished:
I finished another small canvas gift bag.  It's covered with vintage laces, fabric roses, a beautiful pearl pin, and a bow made from an old mother-of-pearl belt buckle.
An old coin purse given new life with a few bits and pieces.
This gift bag I redid.  Didn't like the original artwork on it.  Everything can be fixed with just a little thought, glue and new ideas!
Finally decided to part with this fancy necklace of gold chain, pearls and crystals.  I added the fancy feather piece to an old rayon purse from the '50's.  It is a nice purse, just needed a bit of bling!
I also tied up a couple of book bundles using burlap ribbon, lace, and trims.  An old book bundle always looks better when tied up nicely.  I am giving credit to Myko Bocek, a member of the Sweet Team at Sweet Salvage for this idea!  Thanks Myko!!  Also love the watercolor of a ketch on the sea.  Nicely done by an amateur probably on summer vacation at the beach!

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