Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet Salvage -- Sweet Retreats in May

Another successful event for Sweet Salvage on 7th this month.  The theme was Sweet Retreats.  And one could certainly find many lovely things to put in their own "sweet retreats".  Here are some of my favorite displays from this months Sweet event.
Love the picture of the swans on the lake and the bird cages.
Great easy chair with summer reading on the table next to it!
This is just beautiful!  A sea fan mounted on linen and put in an antique oval frame with curved glass.
This chandelier shows some serious "thinking outside the box".  That's what makes it so special!
Tucked in a tiny corner was this "SEA" display.  The ladder with the plants would work on patio.
My favorite chair and ottoman.  They are sold and going to live with someone with great taste!
Another great "SEA" display with glittery starfish and antlers!
A simple, yet effective, display under a cloche.
Summer reading!  Love those bookmarks.  I did make some of those long ago.  Think I will be making more!
This display is awesome!  I love all the frames, mirrors and prints on the wall.
 Such a pretty shabby chic display! 
Close ups of the shabby chic display . . . .
This month's Sweet Salvage event didn't disappoint!  It was beautiful!  For more pictures of many other items there this month, visit my Facebook page!  I posted three albums full of these and many other pictures!  Many thanks to the Sweet Team for another great Sweet Salvage event.

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