Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making a change -- Junk Gypsy style

 I have had this dress form in my bedroom for some time now.  She is usually dressed as you see here.
Three pretty white skirts, a vintage apron, lace collar, jewelry, scarves, vintage rose corsage and a crown.
Here's the dress I found at the Merchant Square flea market last weekend.  I called it a Junk Gypsy prom dress.  White lace with plenty of swish to the handkerchief skirt.  
Here she is with the same lace collar, vintage jewelry, a concho belt and crown.
Here's a close up of her jewelry and the vintage lace collar. 
Or, should I exchange the crown for my own cowgirl hat and the gray scarf?
I think she needs something else.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Gabriela said...

Love the dresses!I have to say I love the cowgirl hat on it!!!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I think you should actually wear that dress! So cute! --with either hat.

Bohemian said...

You should wear the whole Ensemble to the next Event my Friend! I would... even the Crown!!! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian