Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great estate sale finds today! Two keepers, one to sell later this year.

I went to an estate sale this morning very near my house.  I have to share what I found because I am very excited about three of the items!
I have wanted one of these little chests for years, but never found one at a reasonable price.  Well, today I found one at a very reasonable price!  It is staying in my kitchen!
Also found this great wheel barrow!  It is appropriately weathered and I can't wait to put geraniums and other plants on it in my backyard!  Can't believe that it isn't rickety!  It is pretty solid!
For my booth at Christmas time this year, I found this great sled!  It says "American" on it in the middle.  When I was loading it in my car, a lady came up to my driver window and told me that this had been her sled as a child.  She grew up in Illinois and loved sledding with this sled!  How cool!! 

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