Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday find

Last year my physical therapist told me to start carrying a lighter purse.  Well, the one I am carrying I get a ton of compliments on it.  It is a soft purse in a shimmery red with lots of fabric roses on it.  Last Thursday at Sweet Salvage on 7th I found another purse just like it only in a light ecru color.
I thought I had better spray this purse with Scotchgard, just in case.  Being such a light color it will show dirt.
 Here is what I was thinking.  Adding some pearls to it for a added bit of pizzazz.
 So, while watching old movies yesterday afternoon, I added the pearls from the box to the petals and leaves on the purse.  Just a subtle dolling up!  I knew there was a good reason for my keeping all the pearls from the broken necklaces!

Thank you Gail for the gift certificate to Sweet Salvage!  This was part of my birthday gift!

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cestMoi Sandy said...

Happy Birthday!
That is a gorgeous Purse!
You also have a pretty blog.