Friday, December 21, 2012

December Sweet Flea at Sweet Salvage on 7th!

My friend, Gail and I headed out early yesterday to make our way over to Sweet Salvage through the morning rush hour traffic.  We knew we were going to have a good time together!
 We took a pic of each other in front of this gorgeous vintage red pickup truck!  That's Gail.
This is me!  My shirt matches that truck!  Purely accidental!
Ran into my sweet friend, Dawn Marie.  She found this old Paradise Lost book that she just loved the minute she saw it!  It had a wonderfully worn red velvet cover on it and was appropriately shabby!  She loved it!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our visit to Sweet Salvage.
Let's begin!!
Gail was in "camera heaven" yesterday when she found this cupboard full of vintage cameras!
I loved this old wood box and the display inside of it of old trophy cups, old books, a white bust and clock faces.
Always love crystals, glass handles and door knobs and, of course, those darling little baby shoes under the cloche!
 Love this grouping of old boxes, frames, pictures, etc.  Makes you want to dig through to find all the goodies!
A little black dress!!  Cute!
More favorites:  baby shoes, mercury glass, a Paris jug, picture of a lady in an oval frame, old box!
This is such a cool way to display old atlas maps.
 Had to laugh at this picture.  Indians in this vintage car.
Silver, silver and more silver!
Loved these lovely green plants just inside the door to Sweet Salvage!  Refreshing!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page to see all 50+ pictures I took yesterday at Sweet Salvage.  Lots more to see!


Bohemian said...

It was so much Fun wasn't it!? As well as my Gorgeous Velvet Paradise Lost Book I came back later and found one of the Free Items... a Vintage Show Ribbon! I collect them so I was elated... and picked up a few more because they had them marked down 50% off or more! So many Bargains this Month that I was glad The Son bankrolled my Outing as my Christmas Present. So good to see you and Gail again. Must get down to your Antique Mall soon!

Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

Amber said...

Thanks for the tour Judy. One day, I will make the trip across State lines!