Saturday, December 22, 2012

Back to Sweet Salvage to pick up my raffle drawing prize!

Heather from Sweet Salvage called me on Thursday evening to tell me that my ticket had been drawn and I had won a necklace!!  It is a necklace made by Corona Couture.  Funny thing!  I had bought a necklace made by Corona earlier that day.  So today, Saturday, Gail and went back to Sweet Salvage so I could claim my prize and we could look around again.
This necklace was my raffle prize.  I love it!
And this is the one I bought earlier in the day.  The saying is so true!

Another thing that was going on at Sweet Salvage was free items.  Here is the one I discovered!  I am keeping it!
I had to ask for a price.  Not realizing this sticker was on the back.
The original oil is such a wonderful midwestern scene.  I love the barn and especially that windmill!!

In front of Sweet Salvage was this old red pickup truck.  Gail and I decided to have a photo op with the truck.
 It is a nice truck!
 Here's Gail inside.
We asked a lady who was going into Sweet Salvage to take a picture of both of us inside the truck.
Here I am behind the wheel.
 The front grill.

We enjoyed our second visit to Sweet Salvage this weekend.  


Bohemian said...

Congrats on your Raffle Win AND the Amazing Freebie you Discovered, Love that Painting too! If you scanned the Post too quickly you might just Imagine you Won that Awesome Truck!?! *LOL* But you Guys sure would look Stylish Cruisin in it! I'm SO Happy for you! Merry Christmas

Dawn... The Bohemian

Tyra Shortino said...

Maybe that necklace was exclusively designed for the winner. The words joyful and triumphant expressly describe what you felt, right? Congratulations! :D It was awesome, and the place too! Whose truck was that, anyway? The front grill is amazing, and it would be totally cool if it were part of the shop’s setting. Etsy shops and vintage cars go well together. :) -->Tyra Shortino