Friday, August 10, 2012

I am cleaning out the old chest in my bedroom.

I have decided to clean out the old chest in my bedroom and get rid of most of its contents.  I came across my Grandmother Ryan's old silverplate flatware.  I don't have complete place settings, but do have at least six of everything.  No teaspoons, however.  
All the knives, soup spoons, dinner forks and salad forks are marked "1847 ROGERS BROS".  There are also a berry spoon and three large serving spoons.  The pattern is "Grape".
The knives.
The salad forks are really decorative.  At the top you can see the berry spoon.
These are not part of the Rogers Bros. Grape set, but they are beautiful serving pieces.
The pieces to the right of the serving spoons and knives are miscellaneous silverplate pieces.  There are 10 demitasse spoons, a child's feeding spoon and fork, a sugar spoon, a teaspoon, and the serving pieces described above.

If you should be interested in buying any of these, please leave a comment and a way I can get in touch with you -- email or FB.  I am listing the large soup spoons on eBay tomorrow morning.


Pallas said...

Beautiful silverware, and it would be fun to set a fancy table and have a dinner. I do remember eating on silverplate growing up, and I must say that I also remember the zing if a fork touched a filling. Could have stood in for the TV antenna. Ha!

CeCe said...

Oh, Judy, Please do not sell this set....
Please oh please save it for a wedding present for your first grandchild that gets married. The history.... the beauty....Use them for your everyday set until then. The more you use silver the less it has to be polished. This set is an heirloom. Fondly, CeCe

Bohemian said...

Lovely set... I believe I have some of this pattern in my random accumulation of Flatware. *Smiles* All of mine are mismatched and I've had fun over the years seeing how many interesting Patterns I could add to the Collection. So rare to see complete sets... good luck with the Auction of them!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Diane said...

I like this pattern. Very pretty. I have seen where old flat ware is hung from the christmas tree. Like on a shabby white tree. Maybe that's a way to keep your grandma's flatware and still use it....Just throwin an idea out there!!