Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some finds and a paint job

I found some things today at an estate sale that I think are cool.  Check them out:
This held plants on the patio of the estate sale house.  I liked it.  Brought it home and hosed it down.  Lots of dirt came off and so did a lot of the chippy paint.  Problem!  It won't fit in my booth unless I move a cabinet to another wall.  Hmm!!  Will have to do a major overhaul and moving of the furniture in my booth.  That task may wait!
Next I found this great watering can and the wire plant basket.  I am swapping out this watering can with the one I already have and use regularly.  Reason:  This one has a sprinkler cap on it, my other one doesn't.  The wire basket is going to Merchant Square soon.  It has a dragon fly, a butterfly and a lady bug on it.  You can see the dragon fly in the photo.  Love the rust!
Last is this little wood step stool.  It came without the paint job.  Has been in the garage for months.  I painted it yesterday with this wonderful aqua paint.  It, too, will find a spot in my booth soon.

I took these pictures with my new Canon camera.  I have been looking for a new camera that has a quicker recovery time than my old Olympus camera.  Found this at Costco on Monday.  Am anxious to try it out at the next Sweet Salvage event on May 17th.  See you then!!

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