Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blue glass canning jars

Another nice find at the estate sale on Thursday.  These blue canning jars.  They came with ordinary lids so I bought some zinc lids at Merchant Square for these jars.  However, they just didn't twist on easily.  So, I used my tried and true trick. 
Here are the jars and the old zinc lids.  Love the color and those old lids.  But they don't screw on the jars easily.  So to fix that I grabbed . . .
Some wax paper from the cupboard, tore off a piece, placed it over the mouth of the jar and screwed on the zinc lid.  This tip waxes the lid rim and the rim of the jar.  Then those lids twist on so easily!!
Perfect!  I learned this trick many years ago while living in Virginia.  I bought a number of these great jars but the lids just didn't twist on easily.  A friend told me the wax paper trick.  Clever!  And it works!!


CeCe said...

This is truly a great tip, Judy!

Diane said...

I like that! I have some of those old jars and zinc lids and I am going to try this.