Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday at Sweet Salvage -- Urban Renewal

Yesterday I took a boatload of pictures at Sweet Salvage on 7th!!  There was a lot to see!  I am sure I didn't get everything, but I will share my favorite highlights here on my blog.  The entire photo album can be seen on my Facebook page.

Let's start with the first half of my tour through Sweet Salvage yesterday.
Welcome to Sweet Salvage!  This is such a cute sign board welcoming all the shoppers yesterday -- and there were LOTS of them!
This pretty display was right as you entered the shop.  Look at all the spring colors!  Love those little balls of crochet thread in lovely spring colors!
And that colorful bird under the cloche!
Xylophone anyone!  Haven't seen one of those in years!
Such a sweet cupboard with so many sweet things inside!

Love the green bird and soft napkins tucked inside the crate for color and texture.

Another wonderful white cupboard with the cute dog painting.  Love that square clock (I missed that!  Otherwise I would have bought it!)!!  Lots of live plants were everywhere!
Loved all the touches of blue everywhere!  This is a metal drawer on its side for a display piece!
You have to look over head and underneath everything or you will surely miss something!
See what I mean by looking under things?
In the back area of Sweet Salvage -- lots of fun things for decoration!
This area belongs to my friend, Pat, who was so thrilled to have a more industrial look this time.  A switch for her since she is definitely a shabby chic look type of gal!  Love the white roses painting, the flowers in the purse, and that darling little wagon!
I have one of those sifter things (in the background), guess I will be taking it back to my booth soon!  Great display piece for old garden tools, necklaces, whatever!
This was my VERY favorite display!!  Absolutely love this!!

Come back to visit again in a day or two to see more pictures of my favorite displays!!

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Bohemian said...

Judy so good to see you. We spent most of our Melrose Crawl over at the Melrose Market Industrial Garden Party on 7th... so relaxing & Fun... which is just what we needed after the wee Princess' unfortunate mishap with the crazed shopping frenzy... shall never risk taking the G-Kids again, it was scary for them... you got some great pixs though, which is great since I couldn't see a thing when the crowds got too thick. It's always so good to run into you during the Melrose Crawl... see you next month! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian