Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting ready for spring!

Was up at Merchant Square this morning to redo the center display for my booth.  Time to get into spring!  Plus I redid several other displays as well.
I wanted to set a table to look like a garden tea party was going to happen any minute.  Note the old "letter" box in the front.  It is iron and weighs a lot!  Unfortunately, it is just a display piece because it didn't come with a key.
I love this summer dress over that antique lace blouse.  Lots of pearls and a cute hat Easter hat!
Here's the table top.  I have bound up a stack of Rod McKuen's poetry books.  Do you remember him from the 60's??  He was a big deal when I was in college -- mid to late 60's!  Coffee house poetry!  The little "carriage" clock works, love the little cherub with the tambourine.
A better look at the letter box.  The flap is brass.  The image on the front is horse and rider on a hunt.  He's blowing his trumpet.
I am still surprised that this great dresser is still here!  I have lowered the price.  Hopefully it will sell soon.  I also have four large white frames in my booth (you can see two of them here) plus two very large vintage frames to either paint yourself or use as is. 
Here's the rustic corner.  Lots of wood items, buckaroo boots, antlers, and KEYS!!!  I have keys for those necklaces I see being made by artists!  The corners of the large frames mentioned above can be seen in the upper left hand corner of this pic.  THE BLUE METAL BOX SOLD TODAY.
Got lots of old hand mirrors, vintage pillow cases (great condition, no stains or spots or holes), wood nesting trays and a great hall table.  THE THREE TRAYS ON THE RIGHT SOLD TODAY!
I love this box! It has so many uses!  My one concession to orange is this potted plant.  Otherwise, orange is not my color of choice.  Won't even make the list.
Love that lamp!  It is vintage and so pretty!
I love glass jars on silver trays!

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Mary Patterson said...

All is SO very lovely! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your beauties with us.
Mary Patterson
Mary's Cottage Treasures