Saturday, February 18, 2012

Raw & Re-Find Part 2

Here's a few more pics from Sweet Salvage on 7th this weekend.  There are still two shopping days at this event -- today and tomorrow!  I heard they have even restocked!  If you haven't visited, there's still time!
This table was set up like an artists studio.  And there's the lamp with that wonderful shade I shared in yesterday's post!
This is definitely raw and refined!  Love the glitz with the old and rusty stuff!
I love this cake stand with the wire lady's shoe in it!  Thought the suitcase was wonderful with all the vintage items displayed on top!
You even had to check underneath things to see the displays set up there!  Love those mossy "rocks"!!
This old typewriter is just cool!  The whole display looks like it's from Paris!
This whole display makes me think that each event at Sweet Salvage is another bit of water to nurture the soul of those of us who love decorating, vignettes, and refining our homes or booths!  Thanks so much to everyone at Sweet Salvage on 7th!


Aledia said...

Beautiful items! Wish I lived closer :(

Have a blessed Sunday....

Chia said...

My heart did a little quick step when I saw the old typewriter. It looks just like the one I learned to type on as a kid.