Monday, December 19, 2011

Etsy Cottage Style December Color Party

The colors for December's Etsy Cottage Style Color Party are red and green!  Very appropriate!  However, we weren't limited to Christmas decor.  It could be anything around the house in red and/or green -- art work, vintage pieces, decor, thrifty finds, heirlooms.  As I walked around the house I wasn't sure I had a lot, but I did!  Let me share with you my red and green colors for December.
Just put out "Merry Christmas" in old children's blocks that were mine as a child.
I bought this old sign from my dear friend, Gail.  It sits atop the cabinets in my kitchen.  Went great with my southwest cowboy decor -- except for the English riding saddle.  How did they come up with that when they created this old sign??
This lovely green plate belonged to my Grandmother Ryan.  It looks like "Fiesta" but isn't marked as such.  Nevertheless, I love it and use it every day to hold fresh fruits and veggies.
Vintage cowboy boots salt and pepper shakes with red and green trim!  Also a nice sage green and brown McCoy planter.
Many years ago someone lovingly hand painted this beautiful bowl.  Picked up this bowl in Virginia.  The pine cones are reddish brown (does that count??) and the greenery is lovely.
This was a thrifty find!  This Santa Fe style home with the red trim on the window and the beautiful green cacti surrounding it just epitomizes the southwest.  It is a photograph and the colors are enhanced to make it really southwest pretty!

Thanks for visiting my blog to enjoy the December Etsy Cottage Style Color Party.  Please check out this link and visit the other Etsy Cottage Style bloggers who are participating this month.  There's a fabulous "Holiday Berry Trifle" by blogger All in my Cottage that looks fabulous!  Think I will make a batch!  But will have to share it with neighbors and friends.  Can't eat the whole thing!


Bohemian said...

What great Red & Green Treasures you have... isn't it funny how we don't realize how much of a certain hue we actually have until we're intentional about making a Color Inspired Vignette with it all!?

Yes, I wanted those Ruffled Lace Curtains at Sweet Salvage during the last Event & they were NFS... so I just assumed they were for display only this time too... and was grieved to see they had been for Sale this time & I missed the opportunity to snag at least one of them! *Le Sigh* I agree that sometimes my Home could look like a Shoppe *winks*, I long ago gave up on attempting to go minimal with my acquisitions, though I am learning to Edit & be more discerning now that I have so much.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Dawn... The Bohemian

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Merry Christmas Judy, Love all your greens and reds, thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. Hugs to you this holiday season and many blessings too! Marilou xoxo