Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The weekend adventure

My friend, Gail, and I attended the grand opening of Sweet Salvage on 7th in Phoenix.  It was wonderful!  Kim and her bevy of wonderful and talented helpers and organizers did a great job.  Everyone was raving about it.  Kim and Katie were on TV to talk about it.  In all it was a great success.  Here are some highlights of our trip to Sweet Salvage:
Believe it or not, Gail and I did not plan to wear black and white tops on Thursday!

This was at the entrance to the shop.  Love the glass topped table, pillows, cherub and crystal chandelier.

Loved this bed!  See the curtains behind it and the great torn strip valence!  I bought two of the curtain panels for my bedroom bay window.  Can't wait to get them up!  Note the tumbleweed in the iron pot next to the bed.  Got to get a tumbleweed!  When it gets cooler!

I love this lamp shade and that great tiered display piece!  Wonderful old dresser, too.

There were several peacocks around in the shop.  And the aqua/peacock blue color was abundant.  Also a lot of peacock feathers.  Love that cupboard!

Some seashore collections and more aqua blue.  Cute, cute chair!

This looks like a summer collection from the seashore.  I love these huge glass containers!  I have several in my booth at Merchant Square and they hold tags, rolled music pages, and pearls.  More will be coming to my booth soon.  Pictures to come later!

Another wonderful display of white cups and saucers and ironstone pitchers.  Small vintage price cards were everywhere along with school word cards in English and French!  See the old shoe brush on top of the suitcase?  I have several that will appear in my booth soon.  They make great picture holders.

This was a great experience and a very successful one!  Thanks Kim and ladies!  Can't wait to see you next month -- Sept. 15-18!!  Gail and I will be there!

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Bohemian said...

Well, perhaps I will bump into you at the next event?! *winks* Yes, I was invited to a preview, alas, my Grandson needed an emergency medical appointment that Morning of the Grand Opening so I arrived too late to join Karen Valentine in photographing everything prior to the opening of the doors. *Le Sigh* So I navigated around the crowds to get my shots and came back the 3rd day to photograph some more and pick up my larger items I'd purchased. It was a huge success and so much fun, in spite of the 112 degree heat those days... which made it a fun "workout" nonetheless. *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian