Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lampshade redo

I had found two old lampshades earlier this year at a yard sale.  Still covered with plastic wrap (don't people take that stuff off?) and the silk was in tatters.  It has wonderful wire bones.  Thought I could cover it with burlap.
Taking off the fabric and then the tape took the most time.  But I got it done.

Next I covered it with wide burlap ribbon.  Gives it added direction and texture.

Finished shade on my lamp!  I think I am very happy with this!  Next I have to find a kit in order to turn the second lampshade covered in burlap ribbon (yet to do) into a hanging lamp.

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knitter4years said...

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I like what happens when the light is turned on. The layers of burlap are marvelous to see. I like that lamp base too. The black metal base is a wonderful compliment to the burlap shade