Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My stars!

Started working again early this morning in order to finish these stars.  There are 5 in all, but I am just going to feature these two.

One again my inspiration came from Nancy Maxwell James and the images are from Paper Whimsy.  The stars were recently unearthed in my attempts to clean up my workspace.  I have had these stars for years.  They came in dark brown tin already perforated.  I thought they would sell as Christmas decorations, but they didn't.  So when I saw Nancy's stars on the Paper Whimsy website a year ago, I decided to paint the recently discovered stars and decorate them similar to hers. 

They turned out better than expected.  Once again, thanks to Nancy and Gale for the inspiration!!


Gale Blair said...

They're wonderful, Judy!

Susan said...

These are darling!

Dorthe said...

Judy, they are so beautiful, love the images you used on them and the sweet roses.
Nancy is truly a wonderful artist,too- and such a sweet friend.
I am totally in love with your post below-also, that is a most beautiful clipboard.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Your stars are just gorgeous! I love the images you used!