Monday, June 13, 2011

Campstool redo

I bought two of these campstools last year.  I thought they were so cute and would look good in a child's room or actually for camping.  But they are still in my booth.  So I brought one home.
The fabric is oilcloth and the colors are too vintage, I guess.  So I decided to recover the stool.  Not a hard project.  I removed the old cover, used it as a pattern, cut out the burlap and stapled it back on the stool.
I tried stamping on a spare piece of burlap, but the fabric is too course for the ink to take and be able to see the pattern.  Right now I am thinking of sewing a fabric patch onto the middle of the stool.

The finished stool!  I think this would be great for a fishing lady to sit on while she fishes beside the lake or river.  Click on the pic to enlarge to see detail.  I "baste" stitched the image on the burlap so that it can be removed if the buyer doesn't like it.