Thursday, April 7, 2011


Bought these at the store two days ago.  Love the daffodils and the ranunculus!

Nothing fancy, just lots of them for my dining table.

P.S. Had to look up how to spell ranunculus!  Knew it didn't look right!  And I had to try several different spellings before I found the right one!  Toughie!


FarfallaDK said...

They are so pretty!
I also love the daffodils. They really remind me of Springtime.

Flowers on the dining table always light up the room.

Happy Springtime to you!

CeCe said...

I bet these came from Trader Joes... I had the same flowers in my hand the other day but was in such a hurry, line was so long, I put them back... mistake. Seeing yours makes me know I should have chosen to be late!

Paris Cowgirl said...

I have the same daffodils on my desk courtesy of Vons, 3 bunches for $5.00! Hello Spring!