Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bon Voyage Workshop

Carol and her family did a wonderful job with the Bon Voyage workshop on Saturday!  I had a great time!  My book isn't finished, but I will get it done shortly.  Will be sharing pages with you as I go along.  But for now, here are some pics of what all of us found when we met a Carol's house for the workshop.
Each one of us had our place settings at the tables set up inside for the workshop.  There was a packet of papers, paper for the book, a black tin carry all full of bits and bobs and wonderful things, a packet of fabrics, a small paper bag full of small bits to use in decorating our pages, and that cute mini clipboard decorated with a flower, tickets and our name!

We were inside instead of outdoors since the weather turned hot on us.  However, it wasn't so bad because Carol's back yard is full of plants, a fish pond and lots of trees.  Really nice to be able to eat outdoors!
Here's Carol explaining directions and showing her Bon Voyage travel book.
The first thing we did was have breakfast!  Two very tasty casserole dishes, coffee cake, scones, and plenty of coffee or tea.  Note the great decorations on the table!  Loved the pink rinucculas on the table and the tiny ferns in the numbered buckets.
The other half of the table decorations.
Lunch!!  Five cheese macaroni, pork roast, chicken cordon bleu, deviled eggs, Greek salad, Caesar salad and bread.  We did work on our travel books between these delicious meals!!!  Honestly!!!
Here's the group for a picture toward the end of the workshop day.  There was also a great dessert table for us towards the end of the day.  Pudding, fresh fruit with real whipped cream, and fat chocolate chip cookies.  The pond in front of the group had beautiful fish in it swimming around.  Lovely day!  Lovely workshop ladies!  And a great workshop!

Thanks Carol!  Thanks Ashley -- you're a great cook!  Loved every bite!!  Thanks Vern for sharing your home, telling me all about your huge fish tank and the fish that occupy it, and for taking pictures!!

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