Monday, February 28, 2011

Fluffed my booth this morning

Went to an estate sale last Friday that produced a lot of old smalls for my booth.  Have also been making tags to tuck into spaces in my booth as well.  You can see the entire new photo album on my Judy B's Shabby Chic Facebook page, or my home page.  Click on the pics to enlarge them.  Here are my favorite corners.
Someone had taken an old frame that contains a shabby mirror (silver missing in spots) and added tall spindly legs in black.  This was too special to pass up.  Also that shabby silver candy dish on it was too cute!

Also found this old shabby white bowl (cracked but still holding up) probably from a pitcher and bowl set.  It was outside and a plant had been sitting in it.  So I cleaned it up and now it contains three vintage serving pieces, pretty shells and an old notebook full of handwritten and news clippings of recipes.

This little corner holds some Cavallini Easter postcards, tags I made, some Cavallini Paris postcards tucked into the train case, and that great ash tray lamp with plenty of bling.

If you live in the area, I hope you will visit sometime soon!!


Robin said...

Your booth looks wonderful Judy! Have a great day.


Rhonda said...

I do all the time, Judy! Your booth is my favorite.

Dorthe said...

I would love to visit you ,dear June- so many lovely things, there,it is looking wonderfull.