Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally getting something done!

It's been a very busy week.  I was swamped for the first part of the week with a side business that I am going to venture into for a new bff.  Nothing more about that yet.

But yesterday and today I did get some long standing projects done.  First in the dress form reform.  I have two dress forms that I had used in my booth.  One I do use, the other was vandalized -- more about that in a minute.  Here they are, all fixed and ready for use.
The tall one on the right was all wibbley wobbley.  I had been meaning to secure the base of the form to the stand, but put it off.  So this morning I did that as well as tightening the stand to the base.  Now she stands straight and doesn't wibble wobble any more.

The short one on the left is the one that was vandalized several years ago right in my booth at Merchant Square.  I noticed one day that she was leaning, really leaning to the left. When I investigated the knob at the top, it fell right off -- it was securely in place before.  Then I discovered that someone had unscrewed a section of the inside pole that kept her upright and stable, removed it, replaced the knob back so it looked OK, and made off with the pole.  Really made me mad!  So she has sat in the garage for a couple of years until this morning.  I just pushed the center pole up to the top and screwed the knob back on.  Although she is shorter, she will make someone a great torso display piece.  She will be for sale in my booth in a day or two.

Next I went on to sew the little jumper for my granddaughter's American Girl doll.  Here it is:
All I have left to do is sew on tiny snaps and make a shirt to go under it.  Not sure it will get to her in time for Valentine's Day, but don't think she will care much, really.  I will be off to JoAnn's in a couple of hours to hunt up snaps and a bit of white knit fabric.  This was pretty simple to do.  It was a project that required me to dig back, way back, into my sewing memory to recall what to do.  But I loved doing it!


Paris Cowgirl said...

Adorable! And yeah, call me. Can't wait to hear about your new adventure.

Me! said...

And it's completely darling. :) I hope you are well! I haven't been about much, and I haven't forgotten about your charm! Oh for a few more hours in the day, and the energy to use them well!

CeCe said...

The little jumper is cute and your granddaughter will love it...
Looking forward to hearing about your new venture.
Us girls and our adventures... smile....