Monday, December 6, 2010


Do you remember the Game of Cootie??  My sister and I used to play that a lot -- back in the day!  Well, I found this game at an estate sale last week and was thrilled!  I plan to take it to VA the next time I visit and play it with my grandkids.
Every piece was there.  One leg is broken at the end, but other than that, it is in great condition.  Even the box!  Can't wait for my next trip to play with my grandkids!  Is it still being manufactured today?  Don't know for sure.  But since my daughter-in-law had never heard of it, I suspect it may not be.  Do you?

Since my DDH can no longer buy me flowers, I treat myself to pink roses every now and then.  Aren't these pretty!  And they opened so beautifully!  They are even slightly fragrant.

As I was tidying up yesterday I wondered what on earth am I going to do with the beautiful pumpkins and gourds I bought for fall decoration and Thanksgiving.  I hate to throw them away.  So here is what I did with them for the time being.
Love those ghost pumpkins!!

The house cleaners come tomorrow.  After that I will decorate a bit for Christmas.  It is a comin'!!

Now, I want to tell you about a new blog.  Kim Johnson, of Mystic Paper, and her hubby, The Peddler, now reside in Yucca Valley, CA.  They have started a new blog called The Peddler's Corner, and I want you to go visit and see what they are now doing.  Interested in brothel tokens for your art work?  They have a few for sale.  Check it out!  Kim told me today that Rick, who finds fabulous things for mixed media artists, will be hunting regularly for goodies for this blog.  They are going to Quartzite this week to hunt for wonderful things to share.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

Thanks for the shout out Judy! My grandkids love playing Bingo with us. Of course, we play with a vintage game. Dylan takes being the caller very seriously!