Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some cabinet cards I found

Here are a pics of cabinet cards I found yesterday.  Thought you might enjoy them, too.
Little barefoot girls

Little girl in plaid dress
Don't you love her ringlets?  I can remember my mother wrapping my long, curly hair around rags in order to create ringlets.  The plaid dress is so pretty and I was surprised that it was colored.  They had to do that by hand on the old photographs.
An old school photo
This was probably a photo of the children in a one room school house.  I noted all the little boys in the front row were barefoot as well as two of the girls.  Interesting!

You can see all of the photos I found on my Flickr page here.


Robin said...

Cool photos that school picture one!

Lovey said...

Beautiful Find! Thank you Judy for sharing too! Hugs!