Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lovin' the bunnies, NOT

I have noticed this year a large number of bunnies of all sizes around my yard.  The bunnies have been doing what bunnies do best -- multiply!! 

There have been lots of little, itty bitty ones hopping around.  This one, not one of the smallest ones I've seen lately, jumped into the bowl of my small water feature to hide because he heard me inside the house -- I have the sliding door open this morning.  It's much cooler today.
See him hunkered down in that bowl??  Cute, huh???

Here's what he and his bunny friends have done to my landscaping.
As I headed out the door a few minutes later, the same bunny was nibbling on the bush on the right.  That particular bush is about half it's normal size.  The other two have been eaten down to nubbins!!  Landscaping is expensive!  Rabbits are destructive.  I'm not lovin' the bunnies much these days!  And to make matters worse, the neighbor behind me is feeding them!  Obviously not enough!  LOL!!

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CeCe said...

Oh My Gosh, Judy! And to think I so look forward to getting a glimpse of a bunny up here. Maybe I should be happy it is just the birds and squirrels I feed ! Your poor bushes --- Are these wild bunnies? Have you seen them around before this year?