Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flowers and rayon seam binding

Just wanted to share a couple of things with you today.  Coffee dyed and walnut inked flowers and how to crinkle up rayon seam binding.

First of all, here are the flowers. 
The one on the left is the original flower shape and color.  I took these flowers off of an old basket purse found at a yard sale several years ago.  After spending last weekend with Judy Wilkenfeld and KC Willis (fab weekend -- more on that later!), I am back into coffee dyeing and using walnut ink to dye things.  The middle flower is coffee dyed.  The flower on the right was wet with coffee and then I sprayed walnut ink onto it before it dried.
Each petal set was separated and placed on a plate to air dry.  You can see the uneven dyeing effect on the flowers.  Some petals have off white tips and other petals have dark tips.  I love the effect!  I plan to use them to make pretty pins or to decorate upcoming projects.

Next up is crinkled rayon ribbon.  I love the look but really didn't know the "secret" for getting the ribbon crinkled.  I tried ironing it, but didn't like the pressed look.  While at Art Unraveled two weeks ago, I met Lesley Venable (whom I liked immediately!) and quizzed her on how she crinkled her rayon ribbons.  She was gracious enough to share that with me.
These are from vintage rolls of rayon seam binding or ribbon.  I love the softness of the old rayon binding.  I crinkled these by spritzing them with water, scrunching them up, squeezing them and twisting them tight.  Then I packed each piece in a plastic baggie, squeezing out the extra air and rolling the bag and left them overnight.  The next day I unwrapped the ribbons, and fluffed them on a plate to continue to air dry.  And the crinkles are great!

Got to show you the white rayon seam binding up close.  It started out white.  But I saw my empty coffee pot sitting on the counter with just a little (really little!) bit of coffee left in it.  So I took the damp white ribbon and wiped the coffee pot clean inside and proceeded with the above instructions.  Look at what happened on the edges of the ribbon!
It looks really old!  I was so happy with this happy experiment!  Am going to do more!


Nancy said...

Great information...Thank you for sharing it with the way the flowers and the tape came out. I will definitely have to try this....

Robin said...

Very cool Judy! Can't wait to hear about your time with KC. I took the plunge and signed up for a retreat with her next spring.


MosaicMagpie said...

I love the way fabric looks when you coffee dye. How it seems to have a varigated look. I will try the crunching and putting in a bag.

Dorthe said...

Judy, flowers and bands, are soo great looking, what a fantastic result,-thanks dear for the recipi.
Have a good sunday evening.
Hugs, Dorthe

Pam Lambky said...

Stumbled on your blog this the easy tutorials! Your blog is full of beautiful things. Inspired me to follow, Pam