Sunday, August 22, 2010

The workshop weekend

My BFF Kim and I flew to Denver together on August 12.  It sure makes the flight short when you have someone to talk to!!  Kim is a great travel buddy!  We had a good time in Colorado!

Arrival at Denver International Airport.  I have lived in Denver before, but we moved before the new airport was completed.  It sits out (way out!!) on the prairie east of the City of Denver.  Coming in to land, the grasses and fields were all green!  So pretty!  Here is the inside of the airport.
Big and bright!  The underground train system they have at DEN is fabulous and easy to use to get from terminals to the main airport.  Once Kim and I collected our baggage, we went outside to wait for the Super Shuttle to pick us up.  This is what we watched approach as we waited!
You can barely see the Rockies in the distance (the Front Range).  It did sprinkle a little bit on the Shuttle once we were on our way to Longmont.
Here are all the workshop attendees enjoying our lunch break at the Sun Rose Deli which is just a few doors down Main Street from KC's studio.  Judy and KC are on the left.  I am on the left in the turquoise shirt.  There were 8 of us attending this workshop from all over -- Vancouver BC, Houston, San Diego, and, of course, Arizona.

This Sun Rose Deli is in a restored building.  Note the brick walls and now check out the tin ceiling and sky light in the deli.
There is plenty of art work from local artists to enjoy and purchase at the deli.  We all ate there twice during the three day workshop.
Here's Judy and our hostess, KC for a photo op!  This is inside KC's gallery and studio.
I have to share this last photo.  If I could have jumped out of the Super Shuttle and taken more pictures I would have.  This was taken at the home of the last person we picked up before heading back to DEN airport.  We drove to the rear of the property to pick up the passenger.  In an old barn back there was a really old hearse -- you could see the back end of it sticking out of the barn.  This great old wagon was in the yard in front of the barn.  There was also an old sulky sitting out in the same area.  Would have loved to explore this place!!  But we were heading home.


Me! said...

Oh, Judy! What a Summer you have had! (are still having, I suppose . . .) I am enjoying it vicariously! When have you found the time to rest!?

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your retreat..Let us know what all you learned....