Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recycled bottles and vintage pearls

I have been collecting broken pearl necklaces for quite some time.  Little by little I have filled up several small bottles with the pearls.  They sat for some time on my shelf (would you believe over a year??) and I often wondered just how decorate them.  Here are the results:
This bottle came with the rusty ring on the neck.  It's what's left of the screw off cap.  So I found a glass stopper that fit, filled the bottle with a broken pearl necklace, glued the stopper in and decorated the front of the bottle.  It is an old pearl earring glued onto a bit of lace with tiny seed pearls and then a small dangle attached.
This small bottle has an old earring for a stopper, a bit of a lace doily with the top of a broken locket glued on it.  Small coffee-dyed lace is wrapped around the neck and tied in a box.

Recycling at its best!  And I am slowly cleaning out bits of my stash.


Dorthe said...

hI Judy,
such a lovely idea, they looks wonderfull, and love the idea with the earring stopper.
XO, Dorthe

Robin said...

They both look beautiful! I love your creativity!!

nancarts said...

Hi Judy,
I love these! I have some old pearls and I think I might try this! They are really beautiful. Talented girl.

Smiles and Blessings,

Dede Warren said...

These look great Judy. I bought a couple of soldered bottles a few years ago, that now are looking very plain. I've been wanting to spruce them up a bit... thanks for sharing yours!