Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love old books

I love it when I happen upon an old book with a really nice cover.  I found two such books during my weekend in Payson.

The first one is here:
This one is a German novel printed in a old font that I can't decipher.  It was published in 1923.  There are several lovely color plates in this book.  I love the cover with the mottled green background and the white daffodils (I think!).  I added the green ribbon and the inked tag with the gold bell.
An old book for a little boy's library.  The little child on the cover in the red snow suit who is sledding down the hill caught my attention.  Especially the cute face.  This book was published in 1893.  A really old book that is in really good shape.  Good find!

Usually when I find books with nice covers, the inside is damaged or the cover is falling off.  Those are the ones I save for altered book projects.  I have a few set aside, but haven't started any projects lately.


Tammy said...

What great finds! I love pretty old books, too. These are lovely. I like that you added a crown and ribbon to the first and kept the second simple with twine. The little boy book is adorable! 1893, wow!
Thanks for sharing your little treasures.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Very lucky finds! :)

StrawBoss said...

I haven't been to Payson for several years, must be more there now. I'll have to get up that way.