Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stocking the antique booth today

Here are just a few items that I cleaned out from the garage, priced and am taking to Merchant Square today.
This child's western style belt holds a pile of old children's books.  I thought this could be the first backpack for children of the early 20th century!
Loads of bridal lace bits and pieces, lengths of vintage lace wrapped around old wooden spools tucked into an antique soap dish, and 4 vintage hand towels.  The towels are beautifully embroidered and there is a term for this type of embroidery or needlework.  Irish something, I think, but can't remember exactly.  Do you happen to know??


crimsoncat05 said...

gorgeous lace and linens! The towels are decorated with Huck embroidery, I think:

Dorthe said...

Wow ,your garage holds very wonderfull items-----
How can you part with this lovelies? lol--
Hope you had a great day, Judy.
Hugs, Dorthe

Robin said...

Lovely items.....I sure wished I lived closer to you!!

Judy said...

Crimson Cat is correct! It is Huck embroidery. I checked out the website she gave and it is spot on!

Thanks, Crimson Cat!!!

Shirley said...

I haven't seen any huck embroidery for a long long time. I like the old books. You never knew what you would find in some of the boxes that you find of the older generation. Have a wonderful day.