Monday, June 28, 2010

Reworking old jewelry into new

Been trying my hand at making new necklaces out of bits and pieces of old jewelry.  As I sort through the jewelry I try to find things that match in color and then put them together in an interesting way.

Here's one I made on Thursday of last week.
I bought the brooch a long time ago and just found it a few days ago.  It has a pretty pink petitpoint rose on it.  I found some pink beads, an old pink bracelet, some pearls, an old earring with a pink rose, and some gold chain.
This next piece is made from an old rhinestone necklace, vintage watch, old rhinestone earring and bits and pieces of other necklaces.  I hope you can see the detail.
Here is a sparkly rhinestone star necklace with small pearl-like beads.  Simple yet elegant!

All of these necklaces will be on display and for sale in my booth at Merchant Square very soon.


Robin said...

Your talent is just endless Judy! These necklaces are just gorgeous!!

CeCe said...

You are having so much fun in so many different areas of creating. Big smiles ---
Love the bee image too!

Susan said...

Love these necklaces - beautiful!