Saturday, June 26, 2010

Queen Bee and a covey of quail

I was reading Dorthe's blog, Den Lille Lade, a few days ago and fell in love with a cloth heart that had a "queen bee" image on it.  See it here.  She noted in her blog that the image came from Digital Antiques.  So I did some searching and found it here.

After I got the images I promptly printed some on coffee dyed muslin and made this little journal.
I was lucky enough to find a wooden button in my stash that had a bee on it. 
Never one to let the back of something go without some detail, I stitched around the edges and put two daisies with flowers on the back.  Striped fabric to match the bee, flowers for the bee, and a beeline with the stitching.
I wish I could have gotten closer to take this picture, but the quail would never have stood still for that.  And it all happened so quickly that putting another lens on the camera would have taken way too long.  As it was, I only got this picture of papa quail standing on the rim of the fountain with about 9 babies running around.  There were lots more babies but they had disappeared behind the wall and the fountain.  Best guess is that there were nearly 15-18 babies of varying sizes.  I wondered if some babies get mixed up and join the wrong covey to hang out with.  Anyway, what a treat to see all these little guys running around!  Too stinkin' cute!!!


StrawBoss said...

They are over the top cute aren't they?

Due to you posting the KC Willis Collage Camp on your blog, I am in the course and love it! Thank you.


Tammy said...

I love your journal! It is so original and so pretty!

Lori said...

Your journal is awesome! I love the coffee dying, really vintage looking.

Robin said...

Your little journals are always so wonderful Judy!

Susan said...

Judy, the bee journal is bee-utifula! The button is just perfect. Love that image.

Chia said...

Love the Queen Bee piece. Do you do the freezer paper trick to print on fabric? And thanks for the quail photos. All those babies bobbing along gave me a good smile for the day. :)

Judy said...

Chia: The transfers are iron-on using the t-shirt transfer paper. I don't print directly on the fabric. However, I am going to experiment with that. Hopefully I don't ruin the printer doing it!!