Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glad to be home again!

I had a great time last weekend with my family in Virginia.  It was little Ryan's 4th birthday festivities!  Whew!  I am tired and glad to be home in the peace, quiet and dry heat!!  The humidity hit me like a wall when I stepped out of the plane onto the jetway at Dulles!  Must have been 90 degrees with over 90% humidity!

Anyway here are some pics for you!  We had an excellent time last Saturday morning at Dinosaur Park for Ryan's birthday party.  His preschool friends were invited here for the first party of the day!
This is Ryan and his big sister, Kara.  She will be 6 next month.
Here I am with the grandkids and my son, Dan.
My nephew, Preston, was able to come up from Fredericksburg for the weekend.  We have not seen each other since my sister's, his mother's funeral nearly 5 years ago.  It was so good to see him again!  We talk together a lot on the phone.  Yes, that's a handlebar mustache and tats.  This summer he is working as an intern for the National Park Service at the Civil War battlefield of Fredericksburg.  He will graduate from Humboldt State (California) next year and wants to work for the Park Service.
Here is little Ryan savoring a Spiderman decoration from his piece of birthday cake at the family birthday party later that day on Saturday!  Talk about being partied out!!
Laura has a pretty little flower garden in the front yard of their townhome.  I thought the flowers were really nice.


Robin said...

What cuties!!

Shirley said...

Aren't grandchildren fun?? We will celebrate our oldest grandson's 11th birthday this weekend. My other two are ages 4 and 5. All boys but we do have a lot of fun with them. Have a wonderful weekend.

House of Hullabaloo said...

Beautiful grandchildren. I love their hair and eyes! Glad you are back. Humidity can suck the life out of you....

Nicole said...

You look so good Judy!! I bought the magazine and your pieces are gorgeous! Congratulations again.

Love to You!