Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking in the sideview mirror of my car.....

As I was getting ready to start my car in the garage, I checked the left side view mirror and guess what I saw marching across the neighbor's yard across the street???  Mama mallard duck and three babies!!  I grabbed my camera, jumped out of the car and went across the street to take pictures.
Mama mallard scrunched down as I approached and the babies gathered right near her.  See them near her tail?  I slowly approached and then she sat up.
I really wanted to get a good picture of the little ducklings, so I approached really slowly again as she walked away and around the corner of the garage.
Aren't they cute??!!!  My neighbors have left for the summer for their "other" home in Iowa so they weren't there to enjoy the little family.  What a treat!


CeCe said...

One year we had a mama make her nest in a pot on our pool. The babies were born and grew up in our back yard and the pool was their resort---there is much more fun to this story---Wish I had pictures--had a video--another story--but yes, they are cute, so cute, but oh my, if they live for months at your house, the pool is not longer a pool for humans! Smile.We had so much fun watching them! We eventually had to have them moved to the park--I cried--some still come back to visit--am sure they are the babies!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Awww so cute!
I received your fabby altered notebook, and am already using it to note down various craft trades that I'm taking part in :)
Oh and thank you for the beautiful atc's also, they were a lovely surprise!
Thanks again Judy!
Jan x

Paris Cowgirl said...

So, so cute! Isn't it fun to enjoy the "simple" things?

Me! said...

Awww! Aren't you happy that your camera was at the ready! How super sweet!
~ Debbi

Shirley said...

They are so cute. Thanks for the pictures. Have a wonderful day.