Monday, March 8, 2010

The weekend finds . . .

I can tell that spring is approaching here in the Sonoran Desert.  The temps have been in the mid-70's, it has rained more than usual (thanks El Nino!), and now my lavender is in bloom.  The bees are also busy getting pollen from the blooms.  I need to pick some of this and dry it!
Last week I met some friends in Mesa for coffee and conversation.  Afterwards we wandered down to Domestic Bliss to see what goodies they had on sale.  Domestic Bliss is rearranging their store and getting rid of some old items at great prices.  Check out their blog here for the latest news and items.  Here is one of my purchases:
Speckled eggs!  And these are real eggs.  The insides have been removed -- remember how you used to blow out eggs for Easter dyeing??  I do!  I think they may be quail eggs, but am not sure.
I found this tiny wood cage several weeks ago and decided to add a small nest, some of the speckled eggs and tiny roses trim.  Cute spring display!
Here's a peak inside to see the eggs I tucked in there.  This little display piece will be on sale in Merchant Square in a day or two.


CeCe said...

Love the lavendar and eggs, Judy. The rain should certainly produce some great foilage this spring.

Me! said...

You made me want to hop over to Arizona for a cup of coffee with you.

~ Debbi

PS . . . they absolutely are quail eggs. I'll try to post a photo later today of mine! I love them!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Love your little birdcage! Will you be selling a few of those quail eggs? I would love a couple!

Robin said...

What a cute spring display! Spring...can't wait for it to get here!!

Shirley said...

I loved your birdcage with the little eggs. Your lavender is beautiful and makes you think more of spring is quickly approaching. Take care.