Sunday, February 21, 2010

So much to tell . . .

The One World One Heart giveaway was a wonderful way to visit other blogs literally around the world. While that was going on, I didn't blog much. Part of that time I was back in Virginia visiting my son and his family. I really enjoyed my visit and especially playing with my grandchildren, Kara and Ryan.

I must say that the visit was just after the "snowmageddon" that hit the mid-Atlantic states. There was snow everywhere! Snow piled above eye level. Icy streets no more than a lane wide. Cold temps and wind chill to chill you to the bone.  We didn't go out much! And to top it all off, I discovered that I had two dead batteries for my camera because the charger was broken! I have ordered a new charger and it should arrive next week. So I have no photos of my visit. Drat!  But I had a great time playing with my grandkids.  Must say, I did more puzzles, colored more, did art projects, and played with toys more than I have in months!  LOL!!! I loved it!  Gave the parents a play break for a few days!

But . . . since I have been back here (as of the 16th) I have been on the run, catching up and this weekend doing yard sales. And the bounty that was reaped from all the sales I am going to post.
Here is my work table (aka dining table) where a pile stuff and begin pricing, sorting, etc.  This is some of the cool stuff found at yard sales this weekend.  Most is going to my booth at Merchant Square.
Tools of the trade . . . pen, scissors, punch, and white-out liner. 
I found this old American Woman Cook Book.  I still have my mother's copy.  I love this bouquet of pink flowers -- these will be pretty ups for the booth.  The pink gloves need new buttons (one is missing and the other is damaged).  The buttons on the card will replace the old ones.  What a lucky match!  Love the tiny flowered tinket tray -- I think it may actually be an ash tray?? 
Lovely vintage treat tray with pink roses around the edge.  I have plans for those doll parts and the other bits.

After your visit here I want you to explore a couple of blogs I discovered through OWOH:

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My Desert Cottage -- this is my fav!  And Karen lives here in Phoenix!
More tomorrow!


Robin said...

Great finds and what cool blogs!

Debby said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family. Love all the new treasures who have found.

Anonymous said...

You did SO GOOD! I am very excited to see what you do with the doll parts. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your son and grandchildren!

Chia said...

Wow, that's a great bunch of yard sale finds. Must have been a fun day.

JWood said...

glad to have you back judy! my sister just gave me a copy of that same cookbook, it belonged to my grandma... wow!

JWood said...

glad to have you back judy! my sister just gave me a copy of that same cookbook, it belonged to my grandma... wow!