Monday, February 22, 2010

More finds . . .

Here are pics of more of the finds of this weekend.  I really had good luck.
These two vintage plates are gorgeous.  My kind of plates with lots of pink roses.
Plenty of buttons and trinkets for art work!  Some for sale, too!
Old kitchen utensils and vintage salt and pepper shakers that make great hat pin holders.

Here are some more blogs I found from OWOH that you might enjoy:

Stempel-Gewerkel  Since the author is German, you will have to click on the Google Translator on the right side of her blog to read the text.  Nevertheless, her art work is beautiful without translation!

Artsy~Fartsy  Another thrift store hunter/gatherer!  Beautiful finds and pics for inspiration.

Heirlooms  Nice artwork and good pics for inspiration.


CeCe said...

You certainly did have a great find time this past weekend. I have just spent too much time looking at more of your blog finds. I already had Karen Valentine's and Artsy Fartsy on my blog list. So much fun and so many wonderful blogs out there I could spend every second of every day visiting!
Judy, I am starting to think about submitting some items for publication. Any thing I should know from your experience? Thanks!

Robin said...

What beautiful plates and I love the idea of using S&P shakers for hat pin holders! Wish I lived closer and could go thrifting with you!!