Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things to share

Yesterday my BFF Gail and I met at Merchant Square. She had been rearranging her booth and I needed to tidy mine up since I am having a big 20% off sale through Sunday, the 4th of January.

As is our usual custom, we went out to dinner together and had some girlie time. Yesterday we took the time to also exchange our Christmas gifts to one another. Each of us searches all year long for Christmas and birthday gifts for each other that are just perfect. And Gail did it again!

Gail knows I love the china half dolls and lovely rosaries. And she found perfect ones this year along with that lovely pocket calendar that is the perfect size for my purse. She knows I love hats, too! Without a doubt, I collect! I didn't have any half dolls until this year. And you can see that the ladies have grown into a crowd now in the china closet. I acquired another half doll earlier this week from my friend, Sharon. That one is fifth from the left next to the one Gail gave me which is fourth from the left. Most are marked "Japan" and one is marked "Germany." This all started with an interest I had in Marie Antoinette earlier this year.
On the right behind the third from the right half doll is another one I found that actually is a pin cushion, dressed in 1920's fashion with legs attached. She sits in an old cup since she doesn't sit up alone. In the foreground are two thimbles which belonged to my grandmothers. In the background you can also see the handles of coin silver spoons and "state" plates which my beloved sister collected as a birthday present about 8 years ago. Each plate was for each state we have lived in. What a thoughtful gift! I miss my sister terribly sometimes.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a terrific collection - and what a lovely lovely remembrance of your sister that you can see everyday.

Happy New Year!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Oooooh Judy, nice collection there!
Happy New Year to you.