Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage sweaters

I went to a presale last week at an estate sale. Couldn't believe how packed the house was. Unbelievable that there were racks of clothing extending the length of the master bedroom. About half still had the original price tags. And, the master closet was full, too!! Took a while to dig through things and I did find some treasures. This is a vintage pink wool sweater. The beading is beautiful and in perfect condition. Note that the beading runs around the bottom of the sweater as well as on the cuffs. It is lined so that the wool won't irritate your skin. It has one tiny issue -- a moth hole just to the left of the fourth button down. I don't know how to repair that. Any suggestions from anyone??
This is a close up of the beading and the tag. There is also beading across the shoulders on the back of the sweater. It was made in Hong Kong.
This wonderful white sweater is kitten soft! It is orlon! The trim is sequins with rhinestones. The stones are the dark spots you see -- the rhinestones are actually "dead stones." No sparkle left.
This is a close up of the beautiful trim. The sequins is multicolored clear -- does that make sense? These can be found in my booth at Merchant Square in the near future.


CeCe said...

Judy, is the moth hole covered up when it is buttoned? I would definitely darn the hole with a matching thread of the sweater. If you are selling it you most likely would not want to do the work but I would think a solution then would be to sew tiny buttons all the way down the sweater beside each of the buttons so the repair would not be noticed.
The sweaters are lovely.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

gorgeous sweaters! :)