Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dress form of my dreams

Today I acquired the dress form I have always wanted but could not find. A good friend, Sharon, had this dress form and was willing to sell it to me! Whoopee!!! It is a professional fashion designer's dress form. On rollers and she has removable arms! How cool is this?? I will be using her in my booth at Merchant Square to display prom dresses as well as vintage clothing. I have a couple of other home sewing dress forms that I will be selling soon. I don't need 5!! I will be selling two to start. Perhaps a third one after that.

Once I decide that I don't want to do an antique booth anymore, this baby is going in my bedroom to display vintage dresses and perhaps wonderful jewelry.

This is in my garage. See the black plastic bags?? They are full of square dance petticoats in every color! They will be in my booth at Merchant Square soon. Not all at once!! They would fill the entire floor of my booth if I let them out of the bags!!


Leslie said...

Oh, so jealous of your dress form! What a treasure! And loving the work you posted below. I'm a Southwestern girl in my soul.

Me! said...

Ooh, you lucky girl! What a treasure!