Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday

Time to show more aprons. These are going to Merchant Square on Saturday. I just love them! The top row of three aprons are called "workday aprons." I think that is because housewives wore them while doing housework. The bottom row of two are "party aprons." They were usually made of voile or netting. The white one is flocked. Not useful fabrics if you are doing housework! All of these are vintage.

I have been buying Country Living magazine again. I used to subscribe but quit over a year ago because I think they have gotten away from their "roots" -- which is country living. Somehow a loft in New York City decorated in stark "country" style is not country to me. But they seem to be getting back to country lately. The September issue does have a nice article on lockets. I love lockets! I buy them when I can find them. They are a reminder of my childhood. I had a pretty locket my grandmother gave me. I don't know where it is now.
These are in my stash right now. I have been using them lately in my fabric collages for KC Willis Collage Camp.
This locket can be found on my "Ruby" collage. I noticed in the image of Ruby that she was wearing a locket.
This locket is on the most recent collage I did, Lady in Black.

Do you have a locket from your childhood? Did your mother or grandmother have one?? I think they are wonderful keepsakes. I am going to continue to look for mine. It has to be somewhere around here!


JWood said...

hi judy! i have a locket, my husband gave me an engraved gold locket a few years back, i love it... very special. i keep my grand daughter's kisses in it, when i wear it they always ask, 'what's in your locket grandmama?' i say 'remember, your kisses, wanna put some more in there?' : )

Dede Warren said...

Worst thing I did, when I was about 10 years old, I got my hands on my grandmother's locket. My mother had it, and it held photos of my both of my grandparents. Being young I didn't see the value of their photos, and thought the locket would be much better with other photos in it. Oh, how I wish I had those tiny old photos in it now. Every time I look at that locket, I cringe at the thought!

Tricia Samsal said...

Judy, how much is that white flocked apron? and what space number are you in MS? I always forget!
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