Friday, August 28, 2009

Charm bracelets

Handmade charm bracelets seem to be all the rage right now. I would love to have a bracelet made by Joy of Cupids Charm - Notes from a Charmed Life. Joy makes the most beautiful charm bracelets out of bits of old china, pearls and beads.

However, my soldering skills leave a bit to be desired. Soldering charms and putting together a charm bracelet is on my "bucket list" and will probably remain there.While digging about in my jewelry drawer and box I came across three charm bracelets that I have from various times in my life.

The top charm bracelet is composed of charms collected at national conventions hosted by the Society of Decorative Painters. At one time I did a lot of decorative painting and loved it!

The middle charm bracelet is made up of various charms from my college days at San Jose State College. I was a very active member of Angel Flight which in the 1960's was the hostess organization for the Air Force ROTC and Arnold Air Society on college campuses across the nation. I joined Angel Flight instead of a sorority. They even had rushing activities like a sorority. I held various offices in Angel Flight including Flight Commander (president). I met my husband there.

The bottom charm bracelet is a collection of gold charms gathered from travels with David. There are charms from Alaska, South Carolina, San Francisco, Disney World and Colorado. Lots of memories go with all of these bracelets.

Do you have a charm bracelet or two??


Holly Loves Art said...

Oh how lovely! We certainly have a fascination with charms, don't we?! I have been collecting silver charms since I was young and I have a bracelet that is so filled up I don't think there is anotehr spot for one more charm.

Perhaps I'll photograph it and post about it one day. Thank you for sharing!

Kim Bennett said...

That is so nice Judy. I just started my own collection of charms with a pineapple from Williamsburg. I notice a Decorative Arts Collection (DAC) at the top right. I had no idea that they did charms. Oh and you have a pineapple too. How neat!