Friday, July 17, 2009

Cowgirl Up! Pages

Sorry I have been absent for so long. Just have a lot to do that doesn't involve any creating. This weekend is the birthday sale at Merchant Square. That means pricing and taking stuff up to my booth to get ready for the sale.

Been working on finishing up my pages for a fat book collaboration I signed on to do. The pages are due by Aug. 1 to the hostess. Had to get them done this week and in the mail because next week I will be in Virginia for a visit. My granddaughter and son are having birthdays next week. I must be there!! I had birthday shopping to do so I could get packages into the mail for next week.

Here is a peek inside of the Cowgirl Up! fabric book I just finished. Love the heart made out of a quilt piece. Little Ruby Culbertson appears again. This is one of my favorite images. She was a real cowgirl wannabe as the left page says. Too cute!

My next adventure into the KC Willis Collage Camp is Altars and Shrines in her Mixed Media Mania. Am now in the collecting stage for a box in which to build a shrine. Hmm! Wonder what I will use inside??

Are you headed to Art Unraveled in two weeks?? I will attend the Shopping Extravaganza. Always want to see what is new! Hope it will be successful this year. This economy is terrible!!


Heartinmyhand said...

loving the new book. Get real good at the shrines so you can teach all of

Charmingdesigns said...

Your book is wonderful.