Monday, June 15, 2009

Two new fabric collages

I have been working on two new fabric collages using the techniques learned from KC Willis in her Collage Camp. You can check out the website by clicking on the KC Willis Collage Camp badge on the right. This first one I have called The Silversmith's Daughter. She is Navajo and probably lived at one time on the large Navajo reservation here in northeastern Arizona. There is an old postcard that has her tinted image on it and describes her as the Silversmith's Daughter. I have loved this image for a long time. I incorporated this sepia image into the collage. I used silver doo-dads as well as some turquoise to give the feeling of the jewelry and beadwork she must be wearing. Lucky girl to have such a talented dad!
This collage is called Hopi Daughter. Another image that I find intriguing! The Hopi Indians also have a reservation in northeastern Arizona. Their reservation is entirely surrounded by the Navajo reservation.

What I liked about this girl is her hairdo -- remind you of Princess Leia?? Did me!


CeCe said...

I continue to be impressed with these fabric collages from the camp. Great Work!

Susan said...

I'm loving your new collages! And those chairs you bought - beautiful!

Robin said...

More amazing collage work Judy!

Take Care - Robin