Monday, April 13, 2009

KC Willis Collage Camp

Thanks, Kim, for putting me on to this collage camp hosted by KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch. I just joined and am looking forward to it beginning soon. Check it out! There is a picture on the right side of my blog that you can click and it will take you to the Collage Camp site.I have one original piece of her work that I picked up in Cave Creek and I love it! Visit her website at Lipstick Ranch and check out her work. If you are a cowgirl fan, you have seen her work everywhere. I love her large wall hangings. So, I hope this camp will teach me the techniques so that I can create my own cowgirl/western collages for my home! I'm a cowgirl at heart! Just like Kim, although she is more so! LOL!!

Which reminds me. I have once again scheduled my Annie Oakley collage class at Mystic Paper. If you couldn't sign up before, here is another chance.I will take this collage into Mystic Paper tomorrow, April 14, so you can see it up close. I have already prepared class kits and am ready to go! Are you?? The class is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, from 10:30 to 1:30. Won't you join me??

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Paris Cowgirl said...

I'm saddled up and ready to go!