Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sorry I have been absent for so long. With that said, I am going to share with you the journals I made with Kelly Kilmer week before last.This is the cover of the first journal we made. I love this cover. Can you guess how I made the "garden of flowers" on this cover? Inside this journal I mixed colors and painted the pages using an artist's paint brush -- it is a trusty left over from my tole painting days. I was not real happy with the way these pages turned out, but, hey, this class was for learning techniques.I did get a couple of pages collaged and I think this one turned out pretty good. Never thought to use pink and orange together, but it worked for me!This is the cover of the second journal we did. The cover of this one is made from wonderful shiny paper (although you can't see that in the photo). The edges were covered with tape. Actually the tape holds together the folded outside edge of the journal so that there is a pocket on the inside of the cover. I love the bird tape and the silver flower tape. Kelly had a big bag full of different types of tape we could use on our covers.

This is the inside of the journal. You can see the taped pocket on the left side. We used stencils to create interest on the pages we painted.
In this journal I used a different brush -- a cheap 2" wide bristle brush that I found in my husband's can of brushes he used. I liked this effect much better. I am going to buy a couple more of these brushes since they are pretty much disposable when they get too stiff and worn.

I have not done any journaling in these books yet. I think I should. I have signed up to take a journaling class with Quinn McDonald at Mystic Paper this Saturday. I am also going to sign up for Kelly's "Prompt a Day" to see if that will help me get over this "funk" I have been sinking into lately.


CeCe said...

I, too, love the look of the wider brush. Wish I was in the valley so I could take the Sat. class with you. Lovely journals---all they need now is journaling!

CeCe said...

Forgot-love the cover with the flowers. How did you do the flowers?

Kelly Kilmer said...

love your books, Judy!!