Monday, January 26, 2009

A rude awakening!

In my second bedroom I have a Murphy bed unit. On top of the unit I have a few pretties that I have created and some hat boxes that I have collected. During my tole and decorative painting days, I painted the Angel Box you see in the middle, the rose covered box on its left, and the round box on the extreme right.

The Angel box has an oval box on top of it (left) that I made from scratch and added pretty flowers. On the right is a pretty creamer with flowers in it. On the right of the Angel box is a pretty pitcher that I filled with my favorite flowers -- roses!

The other hat boxes are a collection. The black one on the left was a great find (I think!) at Merchant Square. It is from Woodward & Lothrop's department store ("Woodies" as it was referred to in DC) which was a very popular store in the Washington DC metro area when we lived there during the '80's. However, it has since gone out of business.

As many of you know, my son is now living with me. He occupies the second bedroom. This morning, around 6:30 I heard a commotion in his room. Turns out the lid to the box below fell off of the top of the Murphy bed unit, right onto poor Rob, startling him from sleep! This box was actually on top of the second box from the left, sitting on its side. Guess gravity got the better of the heart shaped blue box sending the lid down on top of my poor son and the bottom of the box thumping down behind the other boxes.A real rude awakening for Rob today! He told me he couldn't figure out what was happening! I am still smiling!


carlene federer said...

LOL, that'll teach him to move back home with Mom! Cute boxes, I somehow missed that tole painting fad...shouldn't it be coming back around pretty soon? Seems like all the crafts eventually do!

nikki said...

lol art falling from the sky!! see i wouldnt mind waking up to that! hah...well im sure that gave him a startle..:oP~