Thursday, January 8, 2009

My week worsens!

I write this blog from my son's computer. This morning my computer locked up and I could not access anything. So when my son got up, he tried to get it to operate, but no luck.

And then the WORST HAPPENED!!! The "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH" came up!!! My heart sank! Now I am really computer-less and my world has crashed along with the computer!!

The new monitor is to be delivered sometime today. The tower comes tomorrow. That means I am tied to the house until delivery. However, having to be here means I can do some projects. Got several ideas I need to do. Want to get some class pieces going!

Hopefully I will be up and running with the new computer on Saturday! Wish me luck!!


Michelle said...

oh! I feel for you! Hang in there! we will all be here when you get back! In the meantime...happy crafting!

JWood said...

did you have a back up?!? hope all goes well judy!

Judy said...

I back up only my Quicken info. I did copy most of my D: drive to a thumb drive a couple of weeks ago -- had a sneaky feeling something was going to happen. The D: drive has all my files and pictures on it. My C: drive was 80% full and I hope that was the one that caved. Otherwise, I am in trouble!