Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bingo Card Swap book is finished

I asked myself last September, after the Bingo Card Swap, just what was I going to do with all of the great bingo cards I got!? It occurred to me to put them in a book so everyone could enjoy it who comes to visit. Here is the finished book. Got this done this weekend. The theme was "When I Grow Up." The book itself is pretty good sized -- approximately 10"x8". I used a page from an old photo album for the cover. It was the right size. One of the bingo cards in the swap was nearly as large as the cover -- see the last pages below.

There were 16 of us who participated in the swap. We each did 16 cards to trade. I did two different styles. These two are mine.

I took bristol board, glued dress pattern paper to each side then stamped on the page with Antique Linen after it was dry.
Then I set about mounting the cards to each page. I used photo mounts to mount each card so that it could be removed to look at it more closely. At the bottom of each page I wrote the artist's name.
I also added background papers to compliment most of the cards. Then I did more stamping and some freehand doodles to add interest.

I think the results turned out well!

These are the last two pages. You can see why I had to make the pages at least 10"x8". The last bingo card was pretty good sized.


If you got this far reading today's blog, keep going. . . . .
If you would like this bingo card I made (last one I have), be the first person TODAY (December 28 only!) to leave me a comment! That's all you have to do!! I will contact you to get a mailing address and put it in the mail to you tomorrow, Monday, December 29.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Ohhhh YIPPEEE! I'm the first AND the luckiest!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

PS I'm also having a give-away on my blog. Please stop by today! :)

Judy said...

All right! I have sent you an email to the hotmail account that is linked to your blog. I will mail the bingo card tomorrow if I get your address! Congratulations, Sherry!! You've been a frequent visitor lately! Glad you found me!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Judy, You do gorgeous work!!!


Susan said...

I've been out of town so just catching up on my blog reading. Congrats to Sherry who commented first and will receive your lovely bingo card. I just love your bingo book - you did a great job with these beautiful swapped cards. Great idea to add them to the book with photo corners so the backs can be seen.

Paris Cowgirl said...

I love your book! Shocking I know. Now I have to make one for my cards!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

You have a Wonderful blog! Happy New Year to you!


LORI said...


Pallas said...

Your bingo card book is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it in the post. I am still trying to find a copy of Sew Somerset so I can see your Rose D'Amour Book. I am having a blog give away if you are interested in playing.

Happy New Year,